7 Myths and Facts About Concussion Recovery

Concussions can be mild, misunderstood, and even misdiagnosed altogether. With the commonality we see today in concussions among athletes, there's a lot of buzz among players and non-athletes alike that may or may not be true about concussions and concussion recovery. Here are seven myths, and their factual counterparts, about concussion recovery.

1. MYTH: If you didn't pass out you don't have a concussion.

FACT: One of the telling signs of a concussion and the grade of severity was loss of consciousness. However today there are people who have experienced a range of symptoms and signs that are just as important in identifying a concussion as passing out. Healthcare experts suggest injuries where the individual loses consciousness are actually not any more severe than those that don't. However, the less dramatic symptoms can lead to misdiagnosing someone who actually may have a concussion.

2. MYTH: If your cat scan is clear, you're in the clear.

FACT: Concussion damage actually occurs on the cellular level, according to Mark Lovell, Ph.D. Thus, a CAT scan will not pick up the changes that occur within the cells. It will, however, pick up any swelling or bleeding, so it's a good idea not to skip out on it.

3. MYTH: Concussions can cause headaches years after.

FACT: This may not be the case for people who have experienced multiple concussions, but doctors believe there is no scientific evidence that people who have had a concussion are more disposed to concussions than other people. So if you're experiencing a lot of headaches and you've had a concussion in the past, it may be caused by something else you might want to consider.

4. MYTH: When your symptoms dwindle, you're safe to play sports.

FACT: Symptoms and signs during concussion recovery may be subtle or non-existent, so it's important to note from experts that exercise and playing sports may actually cause symptoms to reappear and therefore interrupt the recovery process. It is recommended to not return to any sports or super physical activity until getting the green light from a healthcare professional.

5. MYTH: You have fully recovered if your only symptom is a headache.

FACT: There are often no visible signs from a concussion, and it may be dangerous to rely on self-symptom checking before going out again on the field or in the gym. Full concussion recovery should always be determined by a healthcare professional, even if most or all symptoms have subsided.

6. MYTH: A grade-three concussion is more serious that a grade-one.

FACT: Doctors and healthcare professionals used to grade concussions when diagnosing, but are now unable to do so accurately because symptoms are difficult to determine a diagnosis initially. It may take a while for symptoms to subside before an accurate diagnosis and severity may be determined.

7. MYTH: Helmets are a good safety precaution to prevent concussions.

FACT: Helmets are designed for fractures in the skull, not concussions. It may help with the risk of severity of a concussion, but experts believe it doesn't help to prevent them, yet!

"Cinnamon" has a close relationship with humankind from the very early stage. Ancient people used its aromatic, medicinal and preservative elements for various uses. Early and late Biblical records states that cinnamon has used for ointment preparation as well as fragrance. It was clearly mentioned in the Bible under articles related to "Mosses" as well as King Solomon's songs.

Ceylon cinnamon is a major verity of cinnamon. This cinnamon is variety native to Sri Lanka, It was considered as a main trade spice in history. During the regiments of ancient Kings', the best cinnamon was selected and traditionally trained workers only allowed involving in the peeling process. Even today the best cinnamon peeling secrets and techniques was inhabited from those generations and it is highly effecting for the quality of the Sri Lankan Cinnamon among other countries.

Mainly cinnamon has two verities depending on origin of the source. Both are from Lauraceae botanical family. The most recognized and valued verity is "Ceylon Cinnamon" - Cinnamomum verum / Cinnamomum zeylanicum (CZ). And the common and cousin verity is "Cinnamomum Cassia". While Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka, the cassia type is common in many countries do to the productivity of several countries.

Chinese Cassia - From China.
Indonesian Cassia - Especially Java & Sumatra regions of Indonesia.
Indian Cassia - North east part of India.
There are significant differences between these two varieties. Medicinal properties, aroma, taste as well as appearance are well recognizable if you know the characteristics of both varieties. If it is formed of sticks, Ceylon cinnamon is much more fragile and delicate while cassia is too hard and thick. Also cassia cinnamon is dark reddish in colour and Ceylon cinnamon is light in colour. The cassia type has a strong aroma and Ceylon cinnamon has a very sweet taste and pleasant aroma.

Comparing with cassia verity, Ceylon cinnamon has lots of medical elements which give a vast range of health benefits. According to recent research, it has lots of nutrients like Manganese, Calcium as well as Iron. Manganese is an essential nutrient for a healthy digestive system and bones and treatment for premenstrual complications.

Cinnamon has medicinal properties which can increase the insulin level; same time is good news for insulin resistance diabetic patients. In this case, Ceylon cinnamon plays a major part as cassia type is resulting more health complications in the human body from frequent use. Due to the low amount of Coumarin level, Ceylon cinnamon does not make negative effects on kidney or liver functions as cassia cinnamon. It is proved that, the type II diabetic patients can lower their blood sugar level from consumption of Ceylon cinnamon. Also, it is beneficiary for those who has a risk of future diabetics.

Ceylon cinnamon has food preservative elements. The anti-bacterial extracts of cinnamon are very useful for keeping food unspoiled after the preparation. Especially Asian cultures are wildly using cinnamon almost every food. It helps them to keep the food fresh without using refrigerators.

According to local Ayurveda categorization, Cinnamomum verum is considered as body heating spice. It is effect on your blood circulation and increase metabolism which is highly helpful in weight loss. Also researches states that the blood thinning aspects of Cinnamomum verum could give a positive effect in heart patients.

Cinnamon has medicinal properties which can fight against bacteria's and yeast infections such as Candida. It is an ideal natural remedy for urinary tract infections as well as virginal Candida infections. Other than that it is active against oral infections and wounds. Cinnamon has natural compounds that help with rapid healing.

Instead of using medications with chemicals which caused lots of side effects, everybody can add some natural herb like Cinnamon into their foods and drinks which is healthier. But recognizing the "True Cinnamon" or the "Ceylon Cinnamon" is very essential in order to gain the exact health benefits from it.

The author is an experienced spice grower from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). He has well maintained, own cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) cultivation in south coast of the country. The website, www.trueceylonspices.com is the online appearance of his production and experience. This website provides facilities to worldwide customers to read about Ceylon spices and buy these natural spices directly from Sri Lanka. If you prefer to read more about the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon, you can refer author's website above.

1. Internet-of-things: According to MarketResearch.com, the healthcare IoT market is slated to be at $117 billion by 2020. As a disruptive technology, IoT facilitates real time capture of data through smart sensors and wearable devices, exchanges the captured information on Cloud and with BI/Analytical tools, analyzes the information streams much rapidly than conventional means. The massive use of embedded systems is ushering in a "connect everywhere - every time" culture along with parallel trends of home and industrial automation, and smart cities where GPS functionalities are weaved into every movement. The consequences are numerous: from remote monitoring to ATM-like machines which can dispense drugs after a check-up from providers thousands of miles away.

2. Increasing Use of BI and Analytics: Healthcare BI and analytics, a market projected to cross US$18.7 Billion by 2020, is undergoing a silent transformation as there is greater demand for tools and solutions which can plug the missing gap in visualizing real business challenges and solutions through existing healthcare data. According to a PwC survey, it was found that over 95% of CEOs in healthcare companies are looking for ways to harness data in a better way. Medical devices of tomorrow will be rendered incomplete if they cannot use historical data for predictive analysis and other data for solving existing challenges faced by providers. Tableau has risen to the fore as a very intuitive tool to visualize randomized data to see for patterns and anomalies.

3. Mobility: Increasing smartphone usage and dependence is fostering a condition where physicians and patients would require access to information on their mobile devices and tablets - the key focus is engagement. Many medical supply stores are focusing on delivering mobile healthcare solutions and apps which will continue to become more creative in future. In the long run, mobile devices in association with telemedicine, will facilitate complex operation procedures and medicine dispensing, allowing care providers to look after their patients from remote locations. The dispensation of 24-hour emergency care would become easier.

4. Increasing focus on security and surveillance: Considering the huge number of web-connected and Cloud-connected devices, secured access to data points would become a challenge in future. Medical devices should be equipped with affordable chips and sensors with ability to read biometric information, for instance, features which would allow greater security in access.

5. 3D printing: 3D printing technologies are increasingly becoming mainstream and even affordable. They have immense scope in medical devices industry as they can be used for everything from preclinical testing to new lab innovation (reducing verification time), improvised training and for sales demo.

6. Emergence of Multipurpose medical devices: Increasingly, medical devices will be expected to play multiple roles. For example, ambulance care units will have access to gadgets that combine defibrillators with suction kits, blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeters in one inflatable unit which can save time and space for administering emergency care.

From a consumer point of view, the increasing availability of latest trends as discussed above would translate into less frequent visits to the doctor, transferring the responsibility of effective healthcare directly to patients (although this, by no means, would mean patients should not access their providers directly).

When I was setting my goals for this year, my main theme was around having fun. This is because I realised that even though I love my work, I wasn't having enough down time, relaxation and fun. This is so important because if we're not having fun then what is the point.

This definitely transfers over to eating. Being on a diet is not fun. Depriving and restricting yourself is not fun. Feeling guilty around food is not fun. However it is fun to be in control of how you are eating in a positive way. What I mean by that is that when you eat naturally or mindfully you are listening to your body's natural instincts. Therefore when your body tells you its hungry you eat. You eat exactly what you feel like, you stop when you've had enough and then you move onto something else, preferably something that is FUN! You are totally in control, but you are not depriving or restricting yourself.

What you are doing is empowering yourself to choose exactly what is right for you at that time. In some instances it will be something healthy, in others it won't. I get just as much pleasure out of a beautiful piece of pineapple as I do a piece of chocolate, but only if I decide I want the pineapple at that time. If someone told me I had to eat the pineapple instead of the chocolate then I would not enjoy it. But if I'm allowed to make that choice for myself more often than not I'd probably choose the pineapple.

I eat approximately 80% healthy food and 20% not and to me that is a perfect balance. Physically, I feel great because I eat predominantly healthy food. But emotionally I feel great too, because I am not depriving myself of my favourite foods. This means I do not crave them and therefore never binge on them.

A number of my clients haven't enjoyed their food for several years. This is often because they were always on some sort of diet or constantly worried about their weight or body image. Once they know that they can eat whatever they want whenever they are hungry, the enjoyment starts to come back, because they can now choose what they want. They start to eat food they haven't allowed themselves to have, often for years and eating becomes a joy again instead of a worry. Also, because they are mindful as they eat, they don't overindulge or constantly crave the unhealthy options.

Therefore I encourage you to start to having fun with your food. I remember as a child with a mallow puff, I would break it over my head, pick the chocolate off, nibble the biscuit and suck the marshmallow. I loved it and I never had more than one because I got so much enjoyment out of it I was easily satisfied. If you inhale your food you won't enjoy it and you won't get satisfaction because you are not mindful or focused while you are eating it.

Bring the fun back by listening to and trusting your body. Eat for nourishment and not for comfort. Allow yourself to enjoy your favourite food without guilt and overindulging. Then you will find that eating will be a joy and not a burden.

I am a wife and mother who has recovered from 20 years of food and weight related issues. I used to binge on food uncontrollably and then exercise excessively to get rid of it. After being diagnosed with depression and bulimia in 1996 I was introduced to Natural Eating and personal development. These key tools allowed me to learn to love and trust myself enough to make a full recovery. For 3 FREE tips to "Break Free from

Neurologists are specialists who are qualified to diagnose and treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Some of the most common neurological diseases include: Alzheimer's - occurs in the elderly, it involves memory loss. Migraine - more common in women, it refers to the throbbing pain on a part of the brain; and Parkinsons - which refers to the trembling of hands and feet, generally occurs in people over 50.

There are some common symptoms of neurological diseases which may indicate that a person requires further investigation. These symptoms include partial or complete paralysis, Muscle weakness, Partial or complete loss of sensation, and Seizures. People may also experience difficulty in reading and writing, unexplained pain, and decreased alertness.

A staggering 5,00,000 young boys in India are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. This is a group of diseases, generally inherited that occur due to the mutations in the dystrophine gene and even lack of nutrition. This disease leads to the weakening of ultimately, muscle waste. Occurring in young males more, the symptoms of muscular dystrophy usually appear in early childhood. The best life of a person suffering from this disease typically does not exceed beyond late 20s. More noise needs to be made about this disease to spread awareness and notice symptoms early on in kids to start treating the disease.

Contrary to what people believe, Alzheimer's is another common disease among the elderly above 65 years of age. This disease involves the loss of ability to remember, reason and go about day-to-day activities. As Alzheimer's progresses, more brain cells die. This is the reason why early detection is vital. Although a cure is yet to be discovered, proper medication and management of the disease can help with the symptoms and support the patient to perform daily tasks.

A recent study reveals that one could prevent any neurological disorders by adopting a healthier lifestyle including exercise. According to the research, exercise slows the progression when it release 'exercise hormones' in the brain when a person is exercising. This supports the brain, keeping it healthier and therefore, symptoms protecting the brain from shrinking.

The medical advancements in the field of neurology point in one direction. While exercise lessens the chances of a person to have a serious neurological problem, people should keep an eye open for any unusual health symptoms. A regular checkup with the family doctor will be a safe bet.

A lot of people would like to know what it means to live healthy. There are many factors that have to do with this lifestyle as it affects many aspects of us. It is really something that we would be able make sure that you can live a better life before you end up giving up. Sometimes, a lot of people are really able to make sure that they are capable of doing these things. There are many ways to do this.

There are many resources that one may use for this such as magazines or online articles. These have really great ways to see why they need to have this lifestyle and change their life. It's also a lot of work but one should really know why they need to do this. It's also imperative that they be able to make sure that they are really doing it for their health. So, make sure that you know what you are looking for and where to find it.

The many aspects of healthy living cover mental, emotional, and of course, physical state which affect our daily life. Many people also realize that there are many things that they can do to keep these improving. The first step is to always acknowledge that you need to address this issue. The next is to figure out ways to be able to change your lifestyle. It's not easy with regards to the how. However, it is something that a lot of people should be able to at least try.

There are people who even surprise themselves. And that is saying something. That is why it should be something that we pay attention to. There are many people who would focus on one aspect at a time so that they can make sure that they can address each properly. Then, they will start to move towards the next one if they already have a hang of it. These are the things that they do so that they can really address the problems properly. That's why it is important to take it step by step.

There are also people who are able to make sure that they can adhere to their goals and this means that they will need to have the proper motivation. This is also something that a lot of people would like to go through and make sure that they can really also test themselves. It's so easy just say that you will do it but the act itself takes time to build on. It's really something that not a lot of us can be accustomed to. Sometimes, we would like to be able make sure that we even have the right reasons. Given these conditions, make sure that you are on the right track.

Other options involved going for support groups online who you may be accountable to when the time comes. Sometimes, there are people who are shy about being and trying to be healthy which is why they need them. It's also because sometimes, we may be surrounded by people who do not really think about the stuff that we think about. With the support groups, one can somehow like report to someone to be able to make sure that they are following their own rules. Another great thing is that they can share information easily when they decide to do so.

With these options, it shouldn't be so hard to live better. The important thing is to start living it and see where it takes you. Make sure that you can do these things and be able to really do so!

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