The Crazy Grip of Fear

Isn't fear a crazy emotion, your imagination can play incredible tricks on you. Even healthy adults can be almost paralyzed by imagined footsteps in the dark, to other imagined events. We all know the feeling your heart starts pumping fast, your mouth becomes dry, you become breathless and horrid visions enter your brain. All this as adrenalin pumps through your body. The chances are it was just an imagined event; FEAR is an imagined Event Appearing Real.

If however the fear is regarding an event like an interview or exam etc. it is probably caused by expecting a bad outcome, but these fears can be reduced by learning to control them. I have been reading "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers, she offers many suggestions and exercises for outwitting the menace of fear. You can learn to beat depression ill-health and much more. So if you are suffering, or would like to be more confident and make more of your life you might like to read it.

Fear can take hold with an insidious grip if you are suffering from ill-health. Very quickly you can imagine miner symptoms are warnings of major illness. Unless you keep a firm grip on your imagination it can soon run amok. The best thing to prevent this is to keep your mind occupied and or you hands busy find interesting things to do, read books do crosswords etc. Feed you mind with health related positive thoughts, definitely nothing negative!

Now on a positive note how great, we are approaching a New Year again, with fresh new promises for the year ahead... What will your New Year's Resolutions be? If you believe passionately enough, visualize daily and make an action plan you will be amazed what you can achieve. Over the years I have made this work for me many times. More recently we found a way to buy a house in Spain, so that we could spend warm sunny winters there, also I set up an internet business. So now my New Year's Resolutions are to get back into good health and crack on with my business.

If an online business appeals to you affiliate marketing is a simple way to start-online. Begin with the help and guidance of a coach and mentor to make your journey faster and easier. You can then start earning commissions whilst you are learning the techniques necessary. You will also have the companionship of others learning the new skills too.

So whatever your New Years plans are, I wish you great success, health and happiness.

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